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Where can I find spare parts?

All spare parts for our Di Blasi and Lanztec models can be found in our online shop. You can also find exploded drawings for the respective models in our download area.

What should I do with the packaging materials?

Our Lanztec tricycles are always delivered on a special one-way pallet. After receiving the shipment, you can keep it, provided there is space. Otherwise you can also dispose them. The shipping company is not obliged to take the pallet back with it.

The Di Blasi vehicles are all shipped in parcels. If possible, please keep these original parcels. If you ever need to ship the vehicle, this carton is best for it.

Who do I contact in the case of a defect?

Basically, it is always good if you call us first. However, if you purchased the vehicle from a dealer, it makes sense to contact them first. Di Blasi tricycles can easily be sent to us by parcel services. The defect will then be fixed by us and the tricycle will be sent back to the customer.

With the Lanztec models, many parts can also be exchanged by yourself. The electrics, for example, are completely linked with plug contacts, so that replacing them is very simple. Individual other components are also from common manufacturers and can be exchanged by any bicycle workshop. In an extreme emergency, we can then bring the tricycle to us to fix the defect. For this it would be very helpful if the sent one-way pallet were still available.

We will surely find a solution for every problem.

How do I get new vehicle documents?

(from frame number 40000 upwards or from year of construction 1997)

So that we can request a duplicate from Di Blasi in Italy, we need the following data:

- Purchase contract or a clearance certificate from the police

- Picture of the complete folding moped

- Picture of the stamped frame number

Please send this to our e-mail address info@lanztec.de, then all further steps can be initiated.

How do I get new vehicle documents?

(up to frame number 40000 or up to year of construction 1997)

New papers - operating permit - duplicate

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------

There are differences in the process from congregation to congregation


First of all, it is important to have proof that you are the owner and that the Di Blasi has not been stolen.

You either need the sales contract or a clearance certificate from the police.

Then it's best to download the appropriate data (model, year of manufacture) here:


With the Di Blasi which should be roadworthy and all the papers you then go to the TÜV (it is best to call beforehand and ask what everything is needed).

If the Di Blasi has already been registered in Germany, the TÜV should already have all the data in its computer.

The examiner then checks the Di Blasi and issues an opinion.

You will then have everything stamped at the admissions office and you will receive the papers.

The insurance company then has the new Mokick sign.