Where can I find spare parts ? You can find all of the spare parts from our Di Blasi and Lanztec products in our online web shop. You can also find some exploded drawings in our download area.
Where do I have to put the packaging materials ?

We send our Lanztec Tricycles with a special non-returnable pallet. After receiving the shipment , you can keep the pallet at your house. if you don't have enough space, you can dispose or burn the pallet.

The Di Blasi goods will be shipped in a carton. Please keep this carton. Maybe you have to send your trike ,then you can use the original carton. 

Who do I have to contact after a defect ?

First of all, please contact us. If you bought the tricycle by another dealer, please contact the dealer first .

You can send the Di Blasi tricycles very simply with a parcel service. We will repair the defect here in our factory. After a succesful repairing, we will send the trike back to you.

At our Lanztec tricycles, you can replace some parts very simpel by yourself. The complete electric is connected with plug contacts, so you can replace them very easy. Other parts of the tricycle are from famous manufacturers, so every bicycle work shop can replace the parts. 

In an extreme case, we can collect the trike to our factory. Therefore it is very important to keep the non-returnable pallet. Then it is much easier to collect a pallet.

How can I get a copy of the COC of my moped ?

(from frame number 40000 upwards or from year of construction 1997)

Please send us the following documents. So we can send a request to Di Blasi:

- sale contract or a certificate of nonobjection from the police

- picture of the complete moped

- picture of the stamped frame number

Please send the documents to our e-mail address info@lanztec.de. We will inform you about the next steps.

How can I get a copy of the COC of my moped ?

(till frame number 40000 or till year of construction 1997)

We don't know the proceeding in other countries, but if you want to receive a copy of the COC in Germany, you have to make the following steps:

new papers - operating license 
There is a different process from community to community. 
Basically count:
At the beginning, it is very important to confirm that you are the owner of the moped. You need a 
sale contract or a certificate of nonobjection from the police, that this moped is not stolen.

Now you can download the needed documents (model, year of construction, ...) under the following link:

Now you have to go to the Technical Supervisory Association. Your moped has be roadworthy and you have to take all of the documents with you. Maybe the moped was already registered in your country. Then they should have all of the documents in the computer.

The investigator checks the moped and creates the expertise.

You will receive the new papers at the licensing office. At the insurance, you will get your new moped number plate.