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Di Blasi R34 electric folding tricycle

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Di Blasi R34 electric folding tricycle

This is the Di Blasi foldable electric Adult Tricycle R34 with Twist Grip system. The frame has been specially designed with a low step over of only 19 cm from the ground making it easy to mount and dismount.

It is perfect for older people and people with a handicap, who are no longer confident on a bicycle.

Helping to raise the independence of disabled people and achieve a greater sense of self-worth.

The foldable tricycle , with the innovative folding system, is ideal for people with a small car or buildings where you have only small space. 

This trike is available in the colors antracyte, red and blue



  • dimensions (standart-version): length:150 cm x width:69,5 cm x height:100 cm
  • dimensions (folded): length:68 cm x width:28 cm x height:62,5 cm
  • weight: about 21,4 kg
  • wheels: 20" x 1,35 x 2 aluminium rims
  • chain ring: aluminium, 42 teeth, 170 mm
  • rear derailleur: 5-gear
  • front brake: 2 pcs. independent V-Brakes
  • saddle: 81 - 90 cm from the floor
  • max. capacity: about 100 kg on the seat (+ 10 kg on the rear luggage carrier )
  • incl. mudguards
  • incl. rear luggage carrier
  • incl. battery-powered light-system
  • available in the colors: antracyte, blue and red
  • accessories:
  • folding pedal with toe clip, shopping basket, carrying bag, rearview mirror, .....

Specifications (with electric motor)

  • electric motor: 24 V - 250 W
  • max. speed: about 6 km/h (only the motor on both versions)
  • battery: Lithium-Polymer-battery 24 V - 9 Ah (weight 2,8 kg)
  • range: about 20 km (without pedaling)

​The R34 tricycle is available in 2 different electric versions:

Version 1 - Pedelec

  • The motor is only working, once you start to pedaling.

Version 2- Twistgrip

  • The motor is only working, while you are turning the twist grip throttle. The throttle is on the right side of the handlebar.